User guide

Mechanical Time and Date - Automatic Miyota 8215 (Citizen) Movement

Position 1 – Crown locked

Position 2 – Set date

Position 3 – Set time

Winding the watch

  1. Winding the mainspring
    Automatic winding watch can also be hand wound by turning the crown clockwise in  position 1.
    Wind 15-20 times and it will start to move naturally after shaking slightly.

Set the date

  1.  Pull the crown to position 2
  2.  Turn the crown  counter-clockwise to set the date.
  3.  After the date has been set , push the crown back to position 1. * If the date is set between the hours of a 9:00 and 3:00, the date may not change on the following day

Setting the time

  1.  Pull the crown to position 3.
  2.  Turn the crown to set the hour and minute hands.
  3.  When the crown is pushed back to position 1 the seconds hand will begin running.

What not to do

  1.  Do not manually adjust the date between 9oclock and 3 o’clock. May cause damage to movement.
  2.  Do not use watch outside of its waterproof rating, found under Warranty page.

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